Not enough memory to start Docker (Windows 10 Pro)

New install (see details below) getting:

The following are my sp

Windows 10 Professional Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063

Docker Community Edition
Version 17.06.1-ce-win24 (13025)
Channel: stable

I am attempting to start Docker on my Thinkpad Carbon X1: i7-4600U / 8GB physical memory

I have tried modifying the memory both via the Docker systray settings->memory and by modifying MobyLinuxVM.vhdx through the Hyper-V manager. The former will not allow me to expand the memory beyond 5888MB and the latter will not allow me to modify the vhdx while it is “starting” nor can I seem to locate/import the image once Docker has exited.

Is i7/8GB not sufficient to run Docker?

Is i7/8GB not sufficient to run Docker?

Your system should be fine. … I use 2 CPUs and 2048MB … The Hyper-VManager says: ~800MB used. … So you should be good to go.

Did you encounter any problems during your install process?

I personally would try to uninstall / install docker again. … and see what happens. … Don’t have any other ideas. atm


Did you check your log files?

Not sure if this is the right log and I’m not sure how to go about starting Docker interactive on Windows but here is what I’ve found (excerpt) from \ProgramData\Docker\service.txt:

[16:30:18.605][HyperV         ][Info   ] Module loaded at 16:30:18.605
[16:30:18.756][HyperV         ][Info   ] Starting VM MobyLinuxVM...
[16:30:25.648][PowerMode      ][Info   ] Stop
[16:30:25.650][HyperV         ][Info   ] Stop
[16:30:25.651][PowerShell     ][Info   ] Run script with parameters: -Stop True...
[16:30:25.669][HyperV         ][Info   ] Script started at 16:30:25.668
[16:30:25.710][HyperV         ][Info   ] Module loaded at 16:30:25.710
[16:30:25.870][HyperV         ][Info   ] VM MobyLinuxVM is stopped
[16:30:25.871][HyperV         ][Debug  ] [stop] took 00:00:00.2209925 to run
[16:30:25.871][OptimizeDisk   ][Info   ] Optimize
[16:30:25.871][PowerShell     ][Info   ] Run script...
[16:30:27.706][Moby           ][Info   ] Stop
[16:30:27.725][VpnKit         ][Info   ] Killing existing vpnkit with PID 10968
[16:30:27.741][DataKit        ][Info   ] Killing existing com.docker.db with PID 17224
[16:30:27.752][HyperV         ][Info   ] Destroy
[16:30:27.753][PowerShell     ][Info   ] Run script with parameters: -Destroy True -KeepVolume True...
[16:30:27.791][HyperV         ][Info   ] Script started at 16:30:27.791
[16:30:27.831][HyperV         ][Info   ] Module loaded at 16:30:27.831
[16:30:27.876][HyperV         ][Info   ] VM MobyLinuxVM is stopped
[16:30:27.877][HyperV         ][Info   ] Destroying Switch DockerNAT...
[16:30:29.017][HyperV         ][Info   ] Removing VM MobyLinuxVM...
[16:30:29.145][HyperV         ][Debug  ] [destroy] took 00:00:01.3930016 to run
[16:30:29.145][Firewall       ][Info   ] Closing ports...
[16:30:29.145][Firewall       ][Info   ] Removing all existing rules...
[16:30:29.377][Firewall       ][Info   ] All existing rules are removed.
[16:30:29.377][Firewall       ][Info   ] Ports are closed
[16:30:29.377][HyperVGuids    ][Info   ] Removing GUIDs...
[16:30:29.378][HyperVGuids    ][Info   ] GUIDs removed
[16:30:29.407][NamedPipeServer][Error  ] Unable to execute Start: Unable to start: The running command stopped because the preference variable "ErrorActionPreference" or common parameter is set to Stop: 'MobyLinuxVM' failed to start.

Not enough memory in the system to start the virtual machine MobyLinuxVM.

Could not initialize memory: Ran out of memory (0x8007000E).

'MobyLinuxVM' failed to start. (Virtual machine ID 2B619F2A-A724-4E7F-8685-ABDE5CA62720)

Not enough memory in the system to start the virtual machine MobyLinuxVM with ram size 5888 megabytes. (Virtual machine ID 2B619F2A-A724-4E7F-8685-ABDE5CA62720)

'MobyLinuxVM' could not initialize memory: Ran out of memory (0x8007000E). (Virtual machine ID 2B619F2A-A742-4E7F-8685-ABDE5CA62720)
at Start-MobyLinuxVM, <No file>: line 291
at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 386    at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Linux.DoStart(Settings settings) in C:\gopath\src\\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Backend\ContainerEngine\Linux.cs:line 247
   at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Linux.Start(Settings settings) in C:\gopath\src\\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Backend\ContainerEngine\Linux.cs:line 123
   at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<Register>b__0(Object[] parameters) in C:\gopath\src\\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Core\pipe\NamedPipeServer.cs:line 47
   at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.RunAction(String action, Object[] parameters) in C:\gopath\src\\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Core\pipe\NamedPipeServer.cs:line 145
[17:11:36.475][NamedPipeServer][Info   ] GetDefaultVhdxPath()
[17:11:36.479][NamedPipeServer][Info   ] GetDefaultVhdxPath done in 00:00:00.0045046.
[17:11:39.844][NamedPipeServer][Info   ] GetDefaultVhdxPath()
[17:11:39.844][NamedPipeServer][Info   ] GetDefaultVhdxPath done in 00:00:00.

Any ideas?

Not sure if it was the installation or the subsequent update but the issue seems to have cleared up after removing the old and then re-installing.