Not seeing how to completely uninstall and remove remnants of Docker from Mac Catalina

I’m going through my old MacBook, using Catalina (it won’t update further, sorry), and I noticed in my home folder a folder named ‘getting-started’, and the README shows it’s Docker.

There’s no Docker app in Applications; opening the rocket icon (Launchpad?) and searching for Docker shows nothing.

So I’ve “uninstalled” Docker but there’s apparently still remnants of it scattered about… I’d like to completely remove all Docker remnants from the system if possible. I’m not seeing how to do this yet.

I don’t know about older Docker Desktop and Mac versions, but you would not have “getting-started” in the home folder recently. Wasn’t it just a downloaded content?

There is a $HOME/.docker fodler in my home starting with that dot and this folder $HOME/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker

I don’t remember how I installed it, but I’ve tried installing Docker twice over the last year+, and I don’t know when that folder installed. I think it’s from the tutorial walkthrough.

Should I just delete the folder?

I found this GitHub - docker/getting-started: Getting started with Docker

When you click on the Docker icon on Mac in the status bar (top right corner) there is a “Quick start guide”. When you follow the instructions, one of the first steps is to pull the above repository in container called “repo”. Then you get the interactive terminal where you can press enter and copy out the “getting-started” folder from the container to your home, but you could change the target folder before pressing enter. You probably tried that tutorial once, but it is completely safe to delete that. When you need it again, you can start the “Quick start guide” again.

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