Please help! Docker error: Unable to find image

Please, can anyone help me with the error I’m getting. I’m using the latest version of Docker for Windows along with Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS on wsl, I’m learning how to use Docker, I had success using it by running a container and running the programs inside it, I can still run this first container created . However, I cannot use the stop command on it, the error “Unable to find image” is given. I can view it using docker images. Furthermore, I downloaded two other containers after this first one, not even the run command works for them.
I’ve put images of the errors and commands I used, as well as what I see in docker desktop. I don’t have much experience with Linux, and I’m just learning and getting used to Docker.

Thanks a lot for the help!

That is not the message thrown by the stop command, but the run command. And you forgot to specify the version number.

docker run biocontainers/subread:v1.6.3dfsg-1-deb_cv1

It owuld have been better to quote it from your output, but I can’t from a screenshot. Please, avoid sharing screenshots of texts. Use the following guide to format the texts with code blocks instead: How to format your forum posts

No, you downloaded images. You can run containers from images, not download containers.

And the problem with the stop command that you want to stop an image, not a container.

docker container ls

shows running containers. Use the container name, not the image name.

Recommended links to learn the basics and concepts:

The last link is (currently) about Docker Desktop which is Docker CE in a virtual machine whith a GUI.