Portainer and container console

Hi all,

I’m a newbie. I’m running Docker in a LXC container on Proxmox. I also have Portainer installed.
version 2.19.5. When I click on the console icon, I get unable to retrieve image details. I found one reference that suggest to update to 2.20 which was released 2 weeks ago. However, when it pulls the portainer latest, I still have version 2.19.5. I don’t know if that is the proble or not. running CE.

I’m totally frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

Where and how is portainer installed?

Portainer 2.20 is not a stable release. Interestingly the developers don’t use the usual alpha, beta, rc labels apparently,

So the latest image points to the latest stable, not a pre release. Why portainer shows there is an updated version, I don’t know. Maybe there is a way to enable pre-release update notification. I don’t really use it,