Portainer simple questions


Maybe I misunderstood portainer.

Is it the right tool to controll the following setup:

I have got one local dev computer for developement
I have two servers, staging and production

On staging and Production I have got several docker containers running.

Portainer is installed on my local dev
And I can controll containers on my servers.

All of them start with portforwarding to #80
If I got a request to on of my domains, I have to define the port forwarded to this domains by webserver vhost config.

Can I also manage this via portainer?
Or what woud you suggest me.

Sorry, I am just starting with portainer, today.

Portainer is just a management tool to manag one or more docker and/or kubernetes instances.
In case of docker, it is just a client using the docker api.

How is that related to managing a docker engine? You run containers and publish port on every docker engine you control with Portainer. Though, Portainer is not able to control anything outside the docker engine or the kube api (in case you use kubernetes).

Thanx, I did not find an answer of my question and thought I failed on defining hte right question. What would you prefer to manage that my domains get forwared to the right port, automatically?

the list could go on. The keyword is “revers eproxy”