Questions about terms of service update

Hello. I asked some questions in an email sent to support ten days ago and I didn’t get a response. So I’ll do it here if anyone can help me.

I am one of those responsible for controlling software licensing in the company where I work. We have some questions regarding the update to the Docker Desktop terms of use in corporate environments. See below.

  1. Up to version 3.6, is Docker Desktop still free and free?

  2. We can use our repository management system (Sonatype Nexus) to mirror images from dockerhub. Is any licensing required?

  3. Is DockerHub-only use also licensed?

  4. Is Docker Engine or Docker Community edition licensing different from Docker Desktop?

I look forward to an answer


I am not a member of the Docker staff, so keep it in mind, but this is what I think:

  1. The older versions of Docker Desktop are probably free. When the license of a software changes it usually doesn’t affect the older versions unless the license of the other endpoint is also changed. But in that case you probably would not be able to use the client due to compatibility issues. I also think that the newer versions can breake compatibility even if it is not for restricting your access. I think it have happened in the past.
  2. You should be able to use a mirror unless the license of a software in a Docker image does not allow it.
  3. It depends on what do you mean by that. Docker Hub has paid features but you can use it for free with the free Personal account.
  4. Docker CE is open source and free to use. Docker also stated on it’s Youtube channel that the open source compontents will always remain free to use.

You should also read the Docker FAQ answering some questions: Docker FAQs | Docker