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Request: remove the UAC prompt on start-up somehow

(Ron Waldon) #1

Expected behavior

Windows should boot without any additional UAC prompts

Actual behavior

It seems Docker needs extra privileges for its start-up behaviour, and causes a UAC prompt to appear

I’m sure there is a way to improve this, as other apps no doubt have similar requirements. Is there a way to install a service or something that gets the privileges it needs at install time instead of every Windows boot?


Docker (Beta) 9874eb0
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Insiders

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. turn on computer with Docker for Windows beta installed
  2. observe UAC prompt during Windows start-up

Startup notification
(Michael Friis) #2

@jokeyrhyme thanks for the report - we’re already tracking this issue as an enhancement. The UAC prompt is required because the Docker app needs to check on the state of the hyper-v virtual machine, and that requires elevated privileges. The workarounds we’re considering involve either splitting the hyper-v parts into a service-backend, or making sure the installing user is added to Windows security groups that permit access to hyper-v components.

If the prompt bothers you, you can stop Docker from auto-starting in settings and start it manually when you need it.

(Ron Waldon) #3

It’s great that it’s on the radar. That’s all I ever wanted. :slight_smile:

Windows Vista and UAC prompts are so old now, this just happens to be one of my bug-bears when new Windows apps get UAC prompts wrong. But this is a beta and I’ve been heard. Keep up the great work. Everything else is great so far. <3

(Vbergbauer) #4

When DockerForWindows is set to automatically start on login, an entry is added to: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
This causes the UAC dialog will come up on every logon.

An easy way to avoid that problem is to create a create a task in Windows Task Scheduler that runs DockerForWindows.exe on logon and set it to run with highest privilege available.
It would achieve the same purpose without bringing UAC.