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Running exe in Docker container

I am a beginner in docker and looking for some help.
I have a windows based application which I want to run on container. I have my


file which starts my server exe and the fileconfigurations written in this form

-start backend.exe -listen="192.X.X.X:80" -dev=true -mysql="user:pass@tcp(192.x.x.x:3306)/db

Now as I want to containerize the app I am confused how to run the and pass the above parameters in a docker file.

I know that the bat file and will not run in linux based container

What I am thinking so for is somethings like below but confused about giving the parameters in CMD

FROM golang:latest

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

COPY . .


CMD [“backend.exe”, “listen”,“192.x.x.x”,"“dev”,“true”]

Getting idea from this query at stackoverflow