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Server choice for a productive environment


I am currently evaluating the “best” choice for a server hardware and software to provide docker in a productive environment to our customers. Currently we a re using Docker mainly in the developement, but the need for productive use is increasing. Currently we already provide serveral docker containers to certain customers, esspecially for inhouse developed software and nextcloud. Therefore I started looking for a dedicated docker server.

We have a lot of experience with QNAP Systems, we use several of them as storage, backup and application server (only for small enterprises) and therefore I am thinking about using a QNAP System with Intel Xenon like the TS-883XU-RP as Docker server.

Are there any experiences about the performance of QNAP ad docker server?



Productive as in Docker-EE (with subscription & support from Docker Inc.) or Docker-CE?
What is the operating system? A dedicated “QNAP” embedded OS? Or one of the officialy ones supported by Docker Inc. like RHEL or Ubuntu?


QNAP uses its own distribution of linux called qts and uses Docker version 17.09.1-ce



I would strongly advice to not use the QNAP device for productive payloads.
The QNAP modules are high likely not maintained by Docker Inc. Especialy if you go down the route of Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, it is high likely things won’t work. At home I have a Synolog NAs myself and even though the UI is quite comfy, I hate it! It’s outdated and restricted compared to vanila Docker-CE.

I won’t be able to make a hardware suggestion. Our company has all Docker nodes on Amazon EC2 instances. Appart from that, every developer has a Vagrant vm based on Xubuntu with Docker-CE in Swarm mode. They run the same target environment localy as our qa and prod systems.


Thank you for the estimation, in this case I will looking forward to a dedicated server with Docker-EE.



I am fraid, you’ll have to pick the server yourself, and install Docker-EE on your own…