Should we drop docker swarm and move to Kubernetes?

With Docker supporting Kubernetes should we still work with docker swarm?

Personally, I am not fully sold on the whole Kubernetes thing just because it adds a new language and a bunch of other complexity. Then again I am thinking more on the lines of big established organizations with limited budgets not full devops shops with a lot of funding.

The most annoying part of docker-swarm was the source IP issue which I eventually resolved (at least in my scenario where I didn’t need the scaling.

The other annoying part is that I can’t say “put at least one container in node.x but distribute the others in the other nodes”

However, seems like that Kubernetes is the trend that things are going to.


After developing my own managed volume plugins for Docker I think one of the major annoyances I have is the derth in quality of the documentation and examples especially when trying to figure out what is going on. No one should have to spend more than a week trying to figure out how to get systemd working within a managed plugin container.

Granted though, after making my managed plugins I see that Swarm needs better extension point mechanisms.

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If you would like to try K8s with less complexity you can check rancher 2 beta

The following article by @bretfisher seems to say otherwise

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