[solved] Can docker for windows beta coexists with docker for windows?

I already have docker running fine on windows 10; now that I got the download for docker beta, I am wondering if I should install docker beta on separate machine or can they coexist on the same machine (since beta use hyper-v and not virtualbox)?

Hey @anthonywc,


Unfortunately, VirtualBox cannot run when Hyper-V is enabled on Windows.

The operative word there is “run”, you can continue to have virtualbox installed and enable Hyper-V. However, Virtualbox cannot run while Hyper-V is enabled.

There are some workarounds that involve editing the bootmgr entry to disable hyperv at machine startup if you find it necessary to work in both environments on the same machine but it does involve a computer restart when changing workflows from hyper-v to virtualbox or vice versa.