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Why is Docker beta not available for 8.1. Not all user will have win 10 Installed

(Reachkraj) #1

Expected behavior

Would have expected it to set up in win 8.1 also

(Mario Pietsch) #2

which windows version do you have? Is Hyper-V available for you?

(Reachkraj) #3

have win 8 version ( version 6.1 , Build 9600). Yes it’s enabled .
Error screen below

(Michael Friis) #4

While Windows 8 (and 7) have some Hyper-V support, these Windows versions do support some of the Hyper-V features we rely on in Docker for Windows. For Windows users that don’t have Windows 10 (non-Home), we currently recommend using Docker Toolbox while we figure out a better solution.

(Reachkraj) #5

ok great ,Thanks for the info. Since its stands clarified now will try beta in 10 version only :slight_smile: