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SOLVED: Link to HOWTO pre-toolbox docker for Mac Yosemite?

(Wsanders) #1

Is there a link to a HOWTO for installing an earlier version of docker that will work on Yosemite? I am finding 1.8.2.c unusable on Yosemite 10.10.5. I can fix the initial problem with the quick start terminal’s being unable to determine the login shell because, but then after fixing that the install does not survive Mac reboots: the vm wants to generate new certs and cannot, and the socket to communicate with the VM can’t be found. The VM does boot with the same IP address, but the quick start terminal cannot connect to it.

There could be some complications in my case: I am running another vm in Virtualbox, in bridged mode though. VB does fudge with my routing table a bit.

Perhaps assign the docker VM a fixed IP address would help?

(Ranjandas) #2


I have documented the steps using docker machine to do the same. I am using this on a daily basis and haven’t encountered any issue. Please have a look if you are interested.


(Wsanders) #3

Thanks for the link.

It would appear that since I upgraded to Virtualbox 5.0.6r103037 this problem has not recurred. /Applications/Docker/Docker Quickstart still needs to be edited to account for dscl returning two lines.