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[Solved] Shared Drives with AD user not working offline?

(Visual4) #1

Expected behavior

Shared Drives should work on my laptop while I’m in office and while I’m away

Actual behavior

Shared drives work (mostly) fine in office, while Authentication is forwarded to our DC. At home, shared drive is disabled in docker settings and activating (with my AD user) does not work. The credentials window pops up again and again.

A local user is working, but unfortunately this one can not reach the folders created by Kitematic. Testing with the alpine test from the other shared drive thread can only ls the folder up to
but not the content of the subfolders.

(Teilo) #2

Most likely a permission issue in that the local user does not have access to the actual folder.

(Visual4) #3

The article gives a valid solution… thank you.
You need to login with the local user you created for accessing the files and open your own (domain) users profile in explorer, to get full access to it.