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Starting EJB App with docker

I am taking a course in EJB 3.0.

To run the application I need to deploy it either on glassfish or weblogic server.

Docker is the prefered solution.

Gradle produces an app.ear, and I can’t seem to get it to run.

Can anyone help with a Dockerfile that starts my app.ear on any j2ee server?

There is no recent version of glassfish available on Dockerhub.
Weblogic needs a special registration, as such I am sure you won’t get much help there either.

Is JBoss Wildfly also an option? If so, which Java version are you aiming for?

I succeeded to get a glassfish:4 to start, and a weblogic server 12.1 by using docker container run …

Problem is to get my application to launch. As there are multiple points of failure I need a working solution to be able to weed out other things that might fail.

My gradle build produces an app.ear that somehow needs to be installed in the weblogic, (jboss) or glasfish server. I don’t know how or where. If I know the Dockerfile is correct and it installs the app in correct place in any EJB container, then I can exclude that if the application is not responding and it will shorten the time to get the first application up and going.

The Glassfish image you did find is 4 years old. This might be fine for a local development environment…
The official weblogic is behind a registration wall.

Thus said, I have no idea where the autodeploy folder is located for glassfishs and weblogics. Since you share no details about what you did (as in commands, Dockerfiles + error logs), you will need to wait for someone that still uses these lagacy app servers.

Seems like a youtube search directly shows a video of what you need to do: Make sure to replace the image used in the FROM of the Dockerfile with the glassfish you did find.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: