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Unable to Add members - I have 5 free seats


We used to have as an organisation 100 seats - non free - I have removed 5 users and still button “Add Members” does not work.

I have sent an email to support docker hub and nothing

Can anybody please help on this issue ?

Kind Regards

hello ? anyone can help here ?

Same issue over here. Tried to contact customer service twice now. But no reply from them so far, it seems to be Docker is lacking people to handle this commercial phase launch.

@matthewhnh Any help for us?

Hello Agus,
Please use the support form Docker Support | Docker Support when you’re logged into Docker Hub website. You can find the link in the Help menu.
From that page you find a Contact link. Is that the way you have sent the email?

Kind Regards,

@stefanscherer I have done emails , twice thru that Contact Button !
No answers at all

We really need this fix, it is impacting to allow new developers to work with docker hub

Hi Agus,
which org name do you have problem with?
I couldn’t find any support tickets with your name.


I have sent 2 contact forms thru docker hub help page - so I guess if no support ticket open then your framework is not creating those at all.

I work for organisation “tokbox” and I have full admin rights to the organisation if you need to see anything on it .

my docker hub user is “barrawat”.

Kind Regards

@barrawat Got help to my problem :slight_smile: It seems to be that organization level “Add member” button doesn’t work any more if there is multiple teams or you have created more teams but removed those. You need to add members from individual team now on.

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It works if I add a member to the teams directly - and not to the organisation
Thanks a lot for the information

This used to work at organisation level, but I guess this has changed from docker hub side