Unable to change Disk Image Location setting to HDD

I would like to change the Disk image location setting to use my hard drive. However, when I click on Apply & restart the spinning loading icon keeps showing and the change is never applied. I do not get any error messages and I have been unable to identify the issue in the logs (too many logs and I don’t know how to navigate them).

I am using v4.18.0. My OS is Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) x86_64. My hard drive is mounted to the ~/Downloads folder and I made sure it has the same permissions as my home folder.

When I select any other location within my home folder, the setting is applied correctly. I have spent hours already troubleshooting the issue with no success so I thought I would ask for help here. Thanks in advance.

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I’m having the exact same issue, but on MacOS 13.2.1, v4.18.0. Any time I try to change the location, I end up with that same spinning icon, no error messages.

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Hello, Im also having the exact same issue with MacOS 13.3.1 (a). It’s a freshly wiped machine with only docker and home-brew installed. I can’t change the Disk Image Location in the settings, it just spins forever (im at 16 hours currently and im loosing hope). I have tried reinstalling docker, it did not help. I can seen the engine stop, and then it never restarts.

I had the same issue, being on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 installation. But I found a workaround. I did shutdown docker and then edited the settings.json of Docker Desktop (on Linux its in ~/.docker/desktop. There you find the line “dataFolder”:. Here I entered my path manually, restarted Docker and it took it, created the raw disk file in this folder. Maybe it works for you too.

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I am afraid this does not work. Docker Desktop will not start after manually changing the “dataFolder” location.

EDIT: Never mind, it worked! I did however need to stop the service from the command line before making the change for it to work:

systemctl --user stop docker-desktop