Unable to pull images from Private repository

Today morning I noticed that all our private repositories are in Locked state and this is the message shown “The number of private repositories in your account exceeds the limit of your current subscription. Upgrade to a paid tier to unlock this repository .” Our plain does support private repository. Plan - Docker Free Team
In the member section we are not able to invite new members this is message shown “7 of 3 seats filled”. Does docker decreased the total member count?
Because of this issue I’m unable to pull the images. Any idea what the issue might be?

The free team was almost “sunsetted” in 2023 and the decision was reversed later:

It is still possible that the features were limited. I have a free team too, but I never used it as a team and even though the decision was reversed, I stopped using it and moved everything to my original account “rimelek”. Since I used the team alone just for the namespace, I never checked the seat limits, so yes, it is indeed possible that they decreased the limit and allow you to use as many as you created before, but you can’t add more.

How the number of seats and the fact that you can’t add more affects pulling images?