Unable to reinstall Docker Desktop

I’ve had problems with Docker Desktop being unable to start so I decided to reinstall it. I can’t find the installer in the Add/Remove Programs, so decided to try just run the installation again from the command line. When I try to install I get the following error.

I’m unable to stop/kill the process, as Task Manager says that I need admin permissions, which I don’t have.

How do reinstall?

Please, share error messages as text (using the code block button</>) as it hard to read on a smaller screen. If you can’t copy the text from the installation windows, share only that part of the image next time. I zoomed in on the image and it says the file is used by another process. If you still have the old installation, you have to remove that.

If you can’t find it in the Apps and Features window, that could mean that it was partially removed or not even installed correctly. Then I don’t see another way then asking an administrator to kil that process or stop the docker desktop related services in the Services window.

I’ve managed to fix the issue, so can’t insert the original text. I do have this zoomed in image.

I had a partial installation as something must have failed at some point during an uninstall. I solved the problem by manually deleting as much as I could from the Program Files installation directory. I was able to delete files associated with the com.docker.service before the service was able to start having just restarted my PC.

Thanks for your reply/suggestions.

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