Docker installer stuck on re-installation

During my first installation of Docker, I accidentally terminated the installer by pressing alt+F4. After I uninstalled it via add/remove programs, I cannot get the installer to initialize again and says I must restart. The thing is, I have restarted… twice now.

Parts of Docker must be left over somewhere from the aborted installation. How do I get rid of it all so the installer will work as though it were a new installation?


Some ideas that you can try:

  • Of course first make sure Docker doesn’t show up in the list of installed programs on Windows, if you can find it, try to uninstall it from there
  • If Docker Desktop is using the WSL 2 backend, there are two WSL distrubutions related to Docker Desktop. “docker-desktop” and “docker-desktop-data”. Remove both.
  • Docker runs a Windows service. Open the Windows Services app and find everything related to Docker and remove them
  • Docker stores data somewhere in %USERPROFILE%/AppData search for fodlers called “Docker”. I don’t remember those exactly, but you can search for AppData on the forum to find other users with similar issues to give you some ideas.
  • Make sure that there is no Docker or DockerDesktop fodler under “C:\Program Files” and possibly “C:\ProgramData

I can’t start a Windows now, so I just wrote everything I remembered so it is possible I quoted something incorrectly…