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Unable to link with my Github account

I try to link Github account when I click “connect” button. It appear white screen when it redirect to the first page and still not connect.

I already revoke docker Authorized OAuth Apps in my Github account and organization too.

Can anyone give me solution to solve this issue for me?


I have the same issue. When trying to connect I just get redirected to the home page.

Just a wild guess, this may be related to yesterday’s Hub Login Sign Up link points to stage instance. I’ve notified @evabojorges but the time zone differences will take their time.

I’m having the same problem. I get redirected to enter my 2FA token, and then redirected back to my Docker Hub account home, but the account is not linked.

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Is there any update? I need to link my account for the deployment process. I’m still waiting for 2 days. Can anyone resolve this issue?

I am facing the same issue. not able to link my docker acc to GIT. When ever i am trying to “ENABLE AUTOBUILD BY CONNECTING TO AN EXTERNAL REPOSITORY SOURCE” its re-directing me to Main page of docker hub. its not giving me popup for GIT sign In.

I am also facing same issue for both GitHub and Bitbucket repo. Trying to re-link them but not happening. Even I removed the token from Bitbucket repo still again link the Bitbucket repo. Anyone found any solution?

I forgot about this topic and read the new:

So I submitted a ticket on GitHub after an hour of debugging… Details in the already closed other topic.

I have just closed the issue on GitHub since they notified me about the fix. It works for me now.