Using Docker to teach coding?

I would like to use Docker to help teach coding. I’m thinking docker, because it would be nice for the students to be able to move their container elsewhere if they finish a project they would like to keep.

Does anyone have any tips or examples of this application? I’m primarily concerned with logging in, resource usage, etc.

My general experience has been that Docker tends to be an intermediate-to-advanced topic that depends on a solid understanding of Linux shell scripting fundamentals.

If I was going to teach programming, I’d probably have them start writing simple Python scripts, and avoid the massive complications of installation, privileges, storage configuration, port mappings, and overall isolation that Docker brings.

GitHub is good for storing source code, and is a reasonable thing to include in a programming introduction. A Docker image is a pretty opaque binary; you want to remember how you built it (the Dockerfile), not the image itself. A container proper is not permanent at all and gets deleted and recreated, not built.

i like to start newbie with shell scripting. its amazing how little they know about the environment. this base skill with serve them well for year and years.
I don’t see how a docker container can help here