Where can I go to get a recommendation on a docker container to use

So, I am looking for a docker container to use. Something like file browser, but I would like it to index files for faster searches.
I understand this is likely the wrong place to ask this, so my actual question would be, where can I go and and this question?
Thanks in advance.

Can you explain in more details what you would like to do? Do you want to run a filebrowser with Graphical interface like Nautilus in a container?

You are right, I probably should have.
I have a directory, that contains about 140,000 other directories, and about a 1/2 a million files. I want to use a web interface, with a login/password option so I can permit specific people to access and download these files. They do not need to be edited, deleted, or moved. In fact the directory will likely be bound as read-only if possible, as there is no need to write to it at all from within the container.

Regardless whether you look for an application/tool to be installed natively, or run as a container, the starting point usually is a search engine. I just google “web based file manager” for you and the first hit was “filebrowser”.

I have no idea what features it provides and how convenient it is to use. The installation instructions also have docs for docker: Installation - File Browser. If it has no user management, you could place a reverse proxy in front of the container and use it to add basic auth.

You could also use something like next cloud or seafile, which are not file managers per se, but allow sharing folder content and have user management.

You are aware I mentioned file browser in my original post, right? Saying I wanted something LIKE it, but would index for faster searching?
So yes, I have tried File Browser. Thats why I am here, as File Browser will not work for me. So I am looking for an alternative to File Browser.

You did and I guess as @meyay I thought you meant a file browser in general. That is why I asked you if you wanted to run Nautilus in a container, which is a file browser on Linux. :slight_smile: Now I see that it wasn’t “someting like a file browser” and your first post now makes sense to me. Since we don’t know all the softwares out there it you can help us to understand your question better if you share the link to what you mention in your post.

Metin also mentioned Nextcloud which is not a small file browser, but I guess indexing files is not a feature that many small file browser apps have. I don’t use Nextcloud personally but I tried yome years ago. It also has a full-text search support which required Apache Solr according to the blog post.

Originally you asked where you could ask this question. Since you are looking for a container based solution, I think you can to the right place, but I can’t tell you about more tools than Metin. If I had a lot of files, I would try NextCloud and ask for help in their community forum regarding how indexing works.