Which images have no pull limits?

Hello, Docker Hub rate limit page mentions that:

Some images are unlimited through our Docker Sponsored Open Source and Docker Verified Publisher programs.

Does it mean that all images with Sponsored OSS or Verified Publisher tag have no pull limits ?
And what about Docker Official Image ?

The documentation page you shared shows a way to check the current rate limit. The official images are counted. The search function on Docker Hub and from command line doesn’t work currently, so I couldn’t check the other categories.

The documentations of the Docker Verified Publisher Program and the Docker Sponsoored OSS Program show “Removal of rate limiting for developers”. It could be stated more clearly, because it could mean the owners just have an option to remove the limit and “Developers” doesn’t necessarily mean “everyone”.

On the other hand, there are instructions to remove the logo but no instructions to remove the limit, so it should mean it doesn’t have to be removed manually and all images are excluded from the rate limiting.

You can still test it when the search function works again.

It is not clear from the documentation how this rate limit is applied and works. We rely heavily on some open source projects like istio and nats

Nats is an official image - Docker
Istio is a Sponsored OSS project - Docker

Yet we have run into rate limits when pulling anonymously

Failed to pull image "docker.io/istio/proxyv2:1.20.1": failed to pull and unpack image "docker.io/istio/proxyv2:1.20.1": failed to copy: httpReadSeeker: failed open: unexpected status code https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/istio/proxyv2/manifests/sha256:d58efa92c283c26765a5cdb2d66c4a26ea6e9cb7042242dd2f8a89fc2a520f9c: 429 Too Many Requests - Server message: toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit. You may increase the limit by authenticating and upgrading: https://www.docker.com/increase-rate-limit

Can someone from Docker Hub Team please clarify which images are guaranteed to be excluded from rate limits?

The documentation seems to be pretty clear about that only OSS images and images from Verified Publishers will be ignored in rate limits, and there is no word about exceptions. In the original announcement it is specifically stated that

we are thrilled to announce that we will suspend data pull rate restrictions, where no egress restrictions will apply to any Docker users pulling images from the approved OSS namespaces.

I tried to pull the istio image as an anonymous user and it was counted in my anonymous rate limit. Since I’m usually logged in as a pro user, I don’t notice these issues, and I don’t know the reason, but you can try to report it on GitHub

That is where you can find more people who can help you from the staff.