Windows DockerDesktop login loop


I am new with Docker. I have just installed the software and now I am hitting a login loop. DockerDesktop redirects me to my Google chrome browser with Docker web page in which I am able to login then the webpage sends me back to Docker (presumably to log me in based on the webpage login) but Docker’s windows stays the same. If I click on sign in I get sent back to the webpage and so on.

Is signing in optional? What do I lose from being unable to login ?

If you don’t sign in, you can’t pull or push private images. Without logging in you can pull fewer images in a period of time.

And you can lose any paid features if you have a subscription.

If you don’t care about those, logging in is optional, unless you enable on the host networking feature in Docker Desktop which requires a login.

About the loop:

I tried logging out (on macOS), then back. When Docker Desktop opened, it showed I was still logged out. I clicked on sign in again, and it worked. I also remember some people had to restart Docker Desktop or just wait, because the UI didn’t show they were logged in, even though they were.