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Windows file server as containers

Hi all,

I very interested in docker and what it can do. I love the simplicity of it though I suppose as any software it can be complex.

I’m still getting my head around what i can use docker for.

one idea I’m toying with is using it to make a clustered windows file server. Again, I could just go with DFS but i do like to cluster my stuff on as few technologies as possible so i don’t need to learn to much different stuff to keep it all working.

so using docker for clustering my services seemed like a awesome idea :slight_smile:

so my intention is to make a windows fil server as a container and use docker volume to have persistent storage.

when you are only having one container that seems like doable.

but what if i put that in a swarm and say i had 3 containers with the fil server all connected to the same docker volume. So, if one host went down the fil server on one of the other hosts would take over.

is that possible?

when it comes to swarms it seems most users DNSRR but I’m not sure i can do that with my windows file server since multiple users may open the same file from different machines and then the file would appear locked.

I’m thinking I would need a failover scenario but i haven’t been able to find any guides on what failover technologies you can use in docker swarms besides DNSRR

Is my idea sound? or stupid? :slight_smile:

Thanks for a GREAT invention here!


great idea. I just looking into something similar.

I’m trying to gets my hands dirty on what is even possible to do with windows container, beside from IIS and webserver.
So far I’m strugling to get the server service to run. Not sure if this is the windows container even blocked.

How far did you become so far?