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Trigger BitBucket linked build on hub broken?

What used to work until three weeks ago, now fails without any change on my side.

Automated build is configured in Docker Hub, linked to a BitBucket repo. Trying to manually trigger the build fails with:

Building in Docker Cloud's infrastructure...
abort: repository not found!
please ensure the correct public key is added to the list of trusted keys for this repository and the remote branch exists. (255)

It appears like Docker Hub is treating the BitBucket repo like a git repo, and so it fails???

Any idea anyone? Anybody here with builds linked to BitBucket that do work? Thx!

I have the same error with our mercurial repositories. The build Timeline also appears to have been deleted.

link to github issue

I was able to switch to BitBucket Pipelines to build/push my images for now. It’s a shame that there is no reply from Docker support regarding this issue, which completely breaks the whole workflow.

Any suggestions for Docker Hub alternatives to move to? I don’t see why I should keep paying for something that is not working and not supported.