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boot2docker config confusion

(Mrochon) #1

I am trying to configure some IP settings for my docker vm. The readme file for boot2docker suggests that I can make changes to my profile config.

I suspect that I am completely misunderstanding the intent of the config file because nothing I change seems to make any difference.

Here is my current config file:

boot2docker profile filename: C:\Users\Matt.boot2docker\profile

Init = false
Verbose = false
Driver = "virtualbox"
Clobber = false
ForceUpgradeDownload = false
SSH = "ssh"
SSHGen = "ssh-keygen"
SSHKey = "C:\Users\Matt\.ssh\id_boot2docker"
VM = "boot2docker-vm"
Dir = "C:\Users\Matt\.boot2docker"
ISO = "C:\Users\Matt\.boot2docker\boot2docker.iso"
DiskSize = 20000
Memory = 2048
CPUs = 8
SSHPort = 2022
DockerPort = 0
HostIP = ""
NetMask = [255, 255, 255, 0]
LowerIP = ""
UpperIP = ""
DHCPEnabled = true
Serial = false
SerialFile = "\\.\pipe\boot2docker-vm"
Waittime = 300
Retries = 75

I changed the upper and lower bounds for the dhcp range to the same ip, with the hope that it would always select the same ip address when running on local workstations.

When I start boot2docker it seems to always still select a random IP usually or and will stick with whatever IP it selected for an extended period of time.

Again, I’m sure I am just not using it properly, but does someone have any insight into what the config options are doing?



(Mrochon) #2

Hmm it seems to work if i delete the vm and re-initialize it. sorry for the noise!