Can't install volumes backup extension

I’m trying to install the volumes-backup extension in docker desktop for mac os but am getting the following error:

Failed to install extension:the local image you are trying to install has been modified and is different from the published image docker/volumes-backup-extension:1.1.2

I’m on Ventura 13.1 and desktop 4.16.2

Can anyone please advise if there’s a known issue/fix for this?

I answered a similar question related to Docker Desktop for Windows, but it didn’t work for everyone

Then there was a reply which recommends removing the .docker in the user’s folder. You can try that too, but it will remove all your client settings as well.

Since this error message is beginning to happen too often recently, I recommend you to addd your comment in the issue on GitHub

Thanks for the reply. I’d seen that post, and did try it, but unfortunately didn’t help things.
I think the problem is a bit wider for me - I tried to install other extensions, but got a similar error, so for some reason, it just won’t let me install extensions.
I did the same install on my windows machine, and everything works fine.

I’ll get onto GitHub as you suggest.

For anyone that this might help - finally got it to work by doing a combination of things.

Go to settings Extensions, enable:

  • Enable Docker Extensions
  • Show Docker Extensions system containers

Save, close down desktop

Delete .docker folder from user directory

Restart and try again - it now all works.