Docker 17.06 pull returns not found for existing image

This is a very recent error, I build and push images with docker buildx and pull them from a server that runs docker 17.06.1-ce. It has been working but now returns the error:

Error response from daemon: manifest for wodby/mariadb:10.3-3.24.0 not found

The image with this tag can be found on docker hub and docker pull works fine with newer docker.

The login to docker hub doesn’t affect anything. I use the same architecture linux/amd64 on servers where it works and doesn’t work.

Docker 17.06 is pretty old. In the meantime the manifest format in registries changed. According to the documentation, older Docker versions should get a converted, compatible manifest, but I don’t actually now how that works and how old Docker versions can be supported that way.

Thank you for your reply, is this manifest change something that happened very recently? How can I learn which docker version one must have to support pull from docker hub? At first I thought maybe it’s somehow related to the APIv1 deprecation but the blog post (Registry v1 API Deprecation | Docker) says 17.03 is good enough.

Pull with docker 18.06-ce works fine

As far as I know, no.

I don’t know. I never needed it before and when I searched for it to help you a found the link what I shared.

It seems the issued caused by buildx version. I use GitHub Actions (docker/setup-buildx-action) to build images include the one that cannot be pulled. GitHub Actions has recently upgraded their build OS from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS and with it they upgraded buildx from 0.9.1 to 0.10.0 and since then pull has stopped working. Most likely caused by SLSA provenance attestation Release v0.10.0 · docker/buildx · GitHub

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