Docker Desktop connect error afater upgrade to Monterey

I use Docker Desktop 4.6.0 (and DDEV) on a MacBookPro for local Drupal site development. After I upgraded my OS from Catalina to Monterey, I started getting this error whenever I start Docker:

Login Failed!
Post “http://ipc/features/update”: dial unix /Users/pheski/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/backend.native.sock: connect: connection refused

Docker runs and I have no trouble starting and launching my sites in DDEV containers. I assume that the issue relates to the upgrade to Monterey and some change in ports. Is there something I can or need to do to stop getting this error? I have already quit and restarted Docker and rebooted my laptop, but the error persists.


I uninstalled Docker and then downloaded 4.6.1 and reinstalled it and the error is gone.

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Got the same issue after upgrading to Montery.