Sign in is broken on Docker desktop

Updated to Docker Desktop 4.15.0 (93002) for mac. Noticed that I had gotten logged out.

Tried to sign in again and sign in is failing now with a generic error message. Am able to login on the Docker website without any issues, so the problem is specific to Docker desktop.

Anyone else facing this?

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@vinaysshenoy Can you raise the issue here: Issues · docker/for-mac · GitHub?
Please do mention the system information in detail(Intel or Apple M1?)

I have the same problem.

I have tried uninstalling, rebooting, different device, different network, different account, but I get an error and sign in fails.

Hey! I reached out to support initially and they verified my issue. My case number is Case #: 00049812.

Would you still like me to raise an issue on the repository?

I was able to login on the command line using docker login. Seems like the issue is only with the web login flow.

I removed my 2FA setup to try it out. If you need to continue using 2FA, you’ll probably need an app password to use with the docker login command.

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If you have already got the case number, then you don’t need to raise any new issue.

I will check it internally for you.

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Hey! Just got an email from support saying that my case was closed because my issue was solved. It technically was because I was able to login using the command line, but the default sign in flow was still broken. Might want to look into this.