Docker Desktop for Windows and .NET Framework and Updating

I have been a (mostly happy) Docker Desktop for Windows user for the past two years.

Recently, I held off on updating my installation, because I wanted to avoid perturbing my workstation’s configuration until after I got past a deliverable date.

Unfortunately, real life intervened, and late last week, I could no longer start up Docker Desktop for Windows.

At first, I thought the problem was brought on by a Windows policy change pushed out by my employer’s security team, but after two days of back and forth with them, it does not look like the answer is that simple.

Therefore, I have two (rather general) questions:

  • How do I tell what change to the underlying infrastructure was responsible for breaking my Docker Desktop configuration so that it could not start up?

  • What should I watch out for when Windows updates are being pushed to me (I have little to no say or control over that, by the way) that ought to motivate me to proactively move to update Docker Desktop for Windows to the latest version, so that it does NOT break on me again, and so that my work with it is not disrupted?

I suppose that I ought to proactively watch for any change which relates to the
Microsoft.NET / dotnet / .NET / .net / .Net / dotNet
framework. (I tried to spell it about five different ways because I don’t know what the “standard spelling” is for dotNet/.NET/.net is…) It seems that my latest problems had something to do with a failure to communicate between the client front-end and the “backend” service on my workstation, and the frontend Docker Dashboard GUI app uses dotnet technology.

What do you all in the broader Docker Desktop for Windows world suggest?

I had been using a flavor of version 4.14, and now I am running under a flavor 4.18, I believe.

Does my question even make sense? Any pointers from anybody out there? Please, at least throw me a bone!