Docker error on windows

I am on windows 10 home. I installed wsl and enabled hyper v platform ( not sure if thts the same as hyper v) then installed docker desktop. I tried to run a
Net mvc app that i set up in a container through vs 2019. When i ran it i got an error saying i needed docker installed. I opened docker desktop and it said docker engine stopped. After looking at docs it said to enable something in docker settings. When i tried to go to settings the settings would not load desktop would pop up and the load symbol would just keep spinning. I looked in windows services ans seen docker running. What could it be? Is hyper v platform not the same as hyper v? I have wsl2 installed but do i need to open the cml and run a command to start the engine? All the examples i seen said to go into settings and i cant. Can any onr help?