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Docker Error response from daemon: manifest not found when running container following Get Started Tutorial

I am attempting to follow the docker get-started tutorial and have encountered a problem on part 2 under the section

Pull and run the image from the remote repository

The command it says to run is

docker run -p 4000:80 username/repository:tag

I run that:

sudo docker run -p 4000:80 <username>/getting -started:part2

and I get

Unable to find image '<username>/getting-started:part2' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for <username>/getting-started:part2 not found.
See 'docker run --help'.

‘docker run --help’ is just a list of command options for run so is no help.

Since I followed the previous instructions in the tutorial I have the repository on docker hub, and can see it there, so the push was successful.

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong or why I can’t pull it down.

Can anyone see my mistakes or figure out why it can’t find the image and the error shows up?

I am using an Amazon Linux 2 machine one AWS EC2, with mobaxterm.

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I had the same problem at first, then I checked the spelling. I wrote get-startet instead of get-started. Maybe you have (or had) the same problem. Maybe this post helps some newbies :sweat_smile:

@murphyjohn have you resolved that?coz i have the same problem.

I solved it using the tag that I want to pull.
I hope that this could be helpful


You are aware that the previous steps to buid, tag an push the image (after a docker login of course) are cruical for the endavor to work. Either one of those steps didn’t finish with success OR reponame:tag is not used consistently between the steps.

The tutorial steps in are correct.

I have faced this problem although I figure out the problem.
I solved this problem by this command: docker run imagename:tag

Faced the same issue.
here is what I did.
Right next to the image you wanted to download, there is a command. something like this.
docker pull oraclelinux

I got the same error.
Error response from daemon: manifest for oraclelinux:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

What I did:
Click on View available tags below the command.

choose a image from the list which shows up.
docker pull oraclelinux:8.3

this worked, adding rhe specific tag of image and issue is resolved

I had this issue with apache/zeppelin an just as @manojp1902 and @chetan024 found out you need to normally issue a existing tag.

To cut a long story short: using ‘latest’ is not a good idea and they seems to have stopped using it.
See: manifest for apache/zeppelin:latest not found · Issue #4677 · docker/kitematic · GitHub
Reasoning: What's Wrong With The Docker :latest Tag? ·

To find the ‘most recent’ - just go to docker and look at the tags… an pull by the one you need.

Not saying this answers everyone’s problem, but it made a whole lot of sense in the round!

I hope your error is resolved. But for many who are trying to pull the image from the docker hub. The issue is that you haven’t pushed anything to that repo. So go to command prompt to your working directory and push that code to your repo using “docker push docker_id/repo_name” or tag your local image to the repo if that is the case.
Hope this resolves the issue.