Docker failed to initialize - Tried everything, feels impossible to fix

I don’t know what I am supposed to do.

The infamous “Docker failed to intialize - Docker Desktop is shutting down” error message on start is not uncommon, but I tried everything listed on the first few google pages that was recommended, and I still cannot run the app.

What am I supposed to do at this point, reset my whole computer or buy a new one?

I tried deleting the AppData files Docker creates, tried every possible combination of Hyper-V or WSL installed/uninstalled, ran the docker desktop installer with different configurations (using recommended wsl2 on/off) and tried older versions of docker desktop as well.
I tried uninstalling anything that has anything to do with docker; Ubuntu, Wsl, Hyper-V, restarting after each step, running stuff in administrator mode, nothing works.

Any help appreciate. There has to be some setting I’m missing, perhaps something leftover that I am not cleansing properly.

Any help is much, much appreciated.

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After trying out about 6 different 4.X.0 versions, it finally just worked on 4.0.0
Docker is fun.

I am facing same issue anyone please help .