Docker hub redesign has broken numerous things

I had linked repositories for triggering multiple child builds.

In the new “classic automated builds” experience, you can no longer view, edit, or disable those linked repositories, even though they continue to function.

Since I couldn’t configure it, I thought I would destroy all 4 of the repositories and try re-creating them with the new integration to stop the linked builds.

Upon doing so, and after confirming that I had re-set-up the github organization integration, now when selecting the organization account when creating a docker repo, I only get a small subset of private (??) git repos, which doesn’t include the public git repo I need to re-create the docker repos from.

So now I’ve destroyed and literally cannot re-build any of the docker images on docker hub because of the new changes.

Please advise.

Edit: also, the link is broken

Edit2: Found the workaround / solution for the repo list, it appears that the user must be an ‘Admin’ of the repo now for it to show in the list. Previously no more than ‘Write’ access was needed.