Docker is damaged

After updating my mac, unable to open docker so tried reinstalling but now getting error as Docker is damaged . Tried with all existing suggestion kindly help me with it!


I’m having exactly this same problem. Tried deleting any files or folders related to Docker and tried reinstalling several different versions. Also tried installing via the install script bundled with the dmg. Get the damaged message in all cases. I’m on a MacBook Pro M1 running 12.0.1.

Update: Trying to start the app directly from the mounted volume results in a Fatal Error, com.docker.backend cannot start, Exit code 9.

Same here.I also tried removing plist from the LaunchDaemons folder before reinstalling it.
MacBook Pro Intel on Big Sur and Monterey 12.4.
Seems related to Docker Desktop Not Opening · Issue #6456 · docker/for-mac · GitHub