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Docker no longer starting after latest windows insider update

(Rollwhistler) #1

I’ve not been using docker for a while, and today I tried to start it and got this:

If I check windows virtualization is enabled, I tried to attach proof of it, but new users can only post one image ;-).

Any idea what can be going on?

Thank you

(Zawarski) #2

Ug. Same problem here. We can’t be the only two? Happened following Windows Build 17704rs_prerelease.

(Zawarski) #3

If you can’t run Hyper-V VM after installing build 17704, you’re not the only one. Here’s how one user describes the problem:

Build 17704: cannot run a Hyper-V VM. I have Hyper-V enabled and now I can’t run my vm. It says something about “underlying layer” or something like that.

(Rollwhistler) #4

I managed to fix it by simple disabling HyperV, restarting windows as is required, and enabling again… I guess latest update fucked some internals up.

(Zawarski) #5

Didn’t have same luck doing that, however just installed 17711 and all is good again.