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Docker pending when i reopened my labtop


I’m using a docker on mac osx EI Captioon version.
I was using a docker with the termial. I ran some container and then i covered my mac to use later. When i reopend the mac and when i typed docker command, it didn’t work it looks like it is pending.
So i have to rerun docker again everytime and all the container too. Help me please

Thank you

This is a very known issue, also with the latest beta (1.13.0-rc5-beta35) on my box.
Sometimes exiting and starting again doesn’t work. You might also notice that the coolers are getting really noisy after you reopen your laptop.
This is because the com.docker.hyperkit process somehow is caught in an infinite loop after when your laptop wakes up again.

My fix is - exit Docker app. Open “Activity Monitor” app and kill the rogue “com.docker.hyperkit” process. Then start Docker again.
Docker daemon should start nicely and the coolers should quiet down now.
If everything fails go to: Docker -> Preferences -> Reset -> Reset to factory defaults