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Docker - Windows Server 2016 1607 - Swarm mode work at all?

I’ve been fighting this all day and cannot find a definitive answer. I am on a corporate network and we currently only have Windows Server 2016 1607 approved for use. I’m trying to get Swarm mode to work AT ALL but no matter what I do I cannot connect to any of the containers from outside the host.

I found a reference here:

Stating that " will work on Windows Server 2016 hosts, but the built-in routing mesh is not supported until the newest Windows Server version 1709, released in October 2017."

So does that mean that I can’t really use swarm at all?

-Thank you in advance!

It means the engine isn’t supported on anything but the versions specified. You can see more details on supported versions in the documentation at . The engine might work on other versions of the OS, but Docker and Microsoft haven’t tested it, and to the best of my knowledge, Microsoft added features to the OS as of 1709 specifically to support the docker engine and containers in general.