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How to configure Host Windows 10 --> Virtual Box --> Guest Windows 10 --> Dockers for Windows?

(Smadala99) #1

Advance apologies if it is already addressed in this forum. I am a newbie to VirtualBox and Dockers and trying to setup a development environment for Windows that can be imaged and deployed on developer machines. There are several applications in our ecosystem - some are Linux based and some are windows based, so we would like to have a single development environment that supports both operating systems. Therefore we want to wrap all virtual machines and docker containers in VirtualBox and deploy it on developer machines.

Since we need to disable Hyper-V to install and work with VirtualBox on host system, can we enable Hyper-V on Guest OS (OS that is installed on VritualBox) and install Dockers for Windows than going in the older route of Dockers for Toolbox/Dockers Compose route? If so, any configuration changes or works like a charm?

Thanks for your insights and help