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Cannot Enable Hyper-V Error on Docker Startup


I have recently downloaded Docker on Windows, and on starting it up for the first time, I am given the error “Cannot enable Hyper-V service”. I did some digging and I cannot find this error anywhere online or how to fix it. I have checked my services.msc to make sure that Hyper-V is enabled and running, and I have used PowerShell commands to force Hyper-V on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Docker a few times with no luck.

If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it, your help would be greatly appreciated.



I also have the same issue and have tried the same to try and fix it.

No luck and I cannot find any further advice online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated : )


Did you find an answer for this? I’m trying to help a colleague use Docker and he is getting the same error. When I was using other Linux emulation software I had the same problem. There are system parameters you need to set to enable Hyper-V. You may need to restart windows and restart in admin mode where you get access to parameters that you normally can’t change when you startup normally. In my case, I upgraded to Windows Professional and that let me set the Hyper-V parameter correctly but that was for a different Linux emulator, when I came to use Docker it just worked but I think that may have been because I enabled Hyper-V already.

I haven’t. I gave up trying a while ago since it wasn’t something I required.

I think the issue is that with the later versions of Windows Microsoft changed the OS so you have pay (in my case $99) for the Pro version rather than the Home version to set Hyper-V. I upgraded to Windows Pro and then was able to correctly set the parameter. At least the upgrade was painless. All your installed apps and file structure remain the same, it is just like loading normal updates to the OS.

You’re probably using Windows Home. However, that now supports WSL2 so you can run Docker Desktop without needing Hyper-V. Full instructions…

Seems like a good solution. I won’t go for it since I don’t need Docker that much and I really have no reason to set up Linux on my PC just for it. Thanks for the link, though! Maybe it will help someone else in the future.

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