Invited to join company's organisation, can I do that with existing account - or do I have to register a new account?

I (and more users at our company) was recently invited to join our company’s recently created organisation.
Can we join using our existing docker-accounts or do we have to create new accounts based on the invite?

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Your company can invite your existing docker id. Did you got the invitation to your company email address?

Yes, I got the invite to the company address.

I have never been in this situation so I can’t write from experience, but I guess then you can’t use your existing docker account unless the company adds your existing account to the organization. However if the company has the policy to allow members only with company address, that could be a problem. Of course, you can change your account"s email address, so I may be wrong with my guesses.

An other guess of mine is that you change your accounts e-mail address to your company address and click the invitation link after that. If Docker Hub accepts it, then maybe it will add your account to the organization. At the and you can change your e-mal address again if you wish and if Docker Hub allows you to change it twice a day.

Sorry for just guessing, but this is the best I can do in this case :slight_smile:

Changed. the email address for my docker account to my work address, verified it, clicked the organisation invite - but, alas, no luck in joining our organisation anyway…

Do I have to delete my existing account and re-create it with my company email to be able to keep my username?

I wouldn’t do that. If you have to delete your current account, you can just create another, but if it is okay for you and don’t want to have two accounts, you can try. Although I am not sure you could create the new account with the same name after you deleted it.

Same issue here. My existing account is linked to my gmail. I received an invite from my organization on my company email “Please click the button below to create a Docker ID. Once your registration is complete, you will automatically be added to the organization you’ve been invited to.”.
Logging in with my existing account does not link it. Creating a new account using my company email, does not work either (“account already exists”).

Is there a way to escalate this? Can’t find any contact options on

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I had the same issue with one of my team. We just canceled the invite and re-created it using my team member’s Docker ID instead of email address. That went through just fine. Hopefully that works for you too.

Yes, this worked for my account as well. Thx for sharing!