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Laptop recommendations (issues with VT)

(Gmishk) #1

Apologies if this is too off topic, but you guys are the ones I want to ask.

I recently got a new laptop to run Docker for Windows on, but it has an issue where with VT on, the screen flickers. I’ve tried two of the same model and the problem is the same. I’ve done the obvious stuff like BIOS/video driver updates. Other people in the support forums are having the problem too and the manufacturer is not really responsive to the issue. Ideally they could fix whatever the issue is. But the fact of the matter is the machine shipped with Home (I own a retail Pro product key that I used) and VT disabled by default, so, you can imagine what their urgency level is. I only have two weeks to return this thing so I can’t really wait around for them to decide if they’re gonna admit there is a problem.

Thing is, I’ve found references to another specific manufacturer that has the same problem. So I’m hesitant to just exchange for my “second choice”. And general references to problems on various laptops when you enable VT. So who will come out and state that VT is well-supported?

What laptops do you guys use for Docker for Windows that you’ve had good experiences with? What do the Docker for Windows developers use? If there’s a rule about naming/shaming specific manufacturers (that’s why I’ve been vague), is there any general guidance you can give me (like, “make sure you get something with the ‘Pro-Touring’ version of some graphics chip”)?

I’m looking for something that’s available with a recent CPU (less than two years), 16 GB of RAM, and a high-DPI screen.

Thank you for your time.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

Hyper-V isn’t the only thing you’d need to enable VT for. Just say you want to run VMware or Virtualbox-- do you get the same bad behavior on windows home + vt enable + virtualbox?

(Gmishk) #3

Thanks for the suggestion! It seems to be working so far, but I need to give it a couple more days just to be sure because sometimes the problem is really infrequent and then it will happen all of the sudden for hours at a time.

Any speculation/rationale for why VirtualBox doesn’t trigger the issue but Hyper-V does? In case it helps, another customer said he had some luck disabling the integrated graphics but keeping Hyper-V on, which I had tried without success, but maybe I didn’t get it all the way switched off.

Still sucks to have to choose between convenience of Docker for Windows and battery life benefit of being able to use the integrated graphics (not Docker’s fault, but it is why I came in here originally asking for laptop suggestions).

Edit: I forgot to mention that I don’t know how I’d switch back to Home, but I did remove the Hyper-V feature when trying this.

(Gnn06) #4

I have the same issue.
I have just install docker on my windows 10 pro on my asus zenbook laptop (ux360uak).
Screen is flickering.

If I disable the hyperV that was activated by docker for Windows setup, flickering stops.

I have upgrade my computer (bios, vga driver) with no result.


(Gnn06) #5

Hi, found a useful solution on stackoverflow advising to download graphic driver directly on intel site rather that the one provided by asus or Windows update.