New Docker Desktop installation on Ubuntu does not save any state when disk image location set to external usb harddrive

These are the steps I took to set up:

On Ubuntu 22.04.3:

  1. Mount an external ssd, set to mount at startup, and with options nosuid, nodev, nofail, rw.
  2. Install Docker Desktop using the steps outlined in the docker installation guide for ubuntu located here.
  3. Reboot, start Docker Desktop.
  4. Proceed to settings through the dashboard.
  5. Under resources, disk image location, click on browse and attempt to change the location to the mount point for the external drive.
  6. Restart Docker Desktop.
  7. Observe that the disk image location under settings reverted to the original setting.
  8. Open ~/.docker/desktop/settings.json.
  9. Manually change the “dataFolder” setting to the mount path for the external drive.
  10. Restart Docker Desktop.
  11. Observe that the disk image location setting is reflecting the intended path.
  12. Explore to the mount path to inspect changes.
  13. Observe that a new folder, DockerDesktop has been created, and now contains a Docker.raw file.
  14. Proceed to pull a container and observe that it is running in the dashboard.
  15. Restart Docker Desktop.
  16. Observe that the container is no longer listed and that no images are registered.

Other notes:
If I set the disk image location to a path not located on the external ssd, docker desktop appears to work as expected, and persists images and containers through a restart.

This is my first attempt to install Docker Desktop on linux and any help provided is appreciated.

Changing the mount point options to defaults, nofail did the trick for me.