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Persistent "OS X 10.13 is not supported" Dialog

I get this persistent dialog from Docker.
Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 07.41.13

“OS X 10.13 is not supported. There is an update but you are on OS X 10.13 or an earlier version. Upgrade to the latest version of macOS to install it.”

1-it was REALLY not clear it was from Docker. I had to quit my apps one by one and to deduct it was Docker.

2-Then after closing I get this dialog which tells me I am up to date.

I see 10.13 is deprecated. unfortunately. But how do I stop update checks?


Same over here. It is definitely a dialog from docker. When clicking “Check for Updates…” in menu bar icon, it results in the same dialog. After closing I also get this dialog which tells me I am up to date.

My hardware does not allow me to upgrade to OS X 10.14 or higher and there is no longer an checkbox in the preferences to disable the auto update check.

A little help would be much appreciated.

I’m having the same issue. My 2013 Macbook is at it’s latest supported OS version. The dialog appears regularly, and there was absolutely no way to tell it was coming from docker. I would like to keep the version I’m on, but I can’t get rid of the message.