Update broken docker desktop

I am running MBP pro ventura 13.6, upgraded docker desktop to 4.24.2, docker is in stopped state and refuses to start, also getting regular messages “failed to fetch extensions” tried restarting a few times still no joy.

Anyone had similar issue?

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this happens for me too on windows

I managed to get it working again by following this basically downgraded to 4.24.0

same here using Ubuntu 22.04

this is still happening on windows, any idea in timeline for a fix?

MBP on Ventura 13.6, stuck on the upgrade window – Docker tries to update to 4.24.2, this goes on for some time without any clear indicator window telling me what is happening, then Docker quits. I got stuck in a loop for several tries, so I’m not going to try this update for a few more days. I’m sticking to 4.23.0 because things are working fine with this version. So far.