Problem to complete the installation of Docker Desktop fo Windows 10 Pro

Hello, I am a beginner. This is my first time approaching programming (particularly in C). I am having trouble installing Docker Desktop for Windows 10 Pro. It seems installed but when I press twice on the icon to open it, the “Finish setting up Docker Desktop” window appears where it says “Complete the installation of Docker Desktop” and you have to choose between the following 2 options : "Use recommended settings (requires adminastrator password) and “Use advanced settings”. I tried all the options but then pressing finish shows the window “Docker Desktop - WSL update failed” where it says “An error occurred while updating WSL You can manually update using wsl --update. If the issue persists, collect diagnostics and submit an issue” Then after a text with gray background (it doesn’t let me copy it and the text is long) there are 3 options including the option to exit (quit). If I press on this button the program crashes after a few seconds. WSL is updated already. Please can you help me?


I solved the problem by updating Windows via Windows Update and then WSL again