Status icon hidden on Macbook Pro 14"

I have a new Macbook Pro 14" with the camera notch. The Docker status icon (upper right of the screen) is critical for operating Docker successfully, yet I find that it is (presumably) hidden by the camera notch more often than not.

Is there a workaround for this? It’s more than an annoyance.


Since I don’t have a notch, I am just guessing that you could probably move the menubar below the notch. If you can’t, and you have some other less important icons, I think, you can rearrange the order of those icons. Press the “command” button and move a visible icon to somewhere else which might make the Docker icon go after or before the notch.

An other workaround could be if you have an iPad and if you can extend or mirror your mac screen to the ipad. Then you can use the Docker icon on the iPad.

I am new in the Mac world, so I am not sure if these solutions work for you. They can depend on your MacBook model and the OS version. I have MacBook Air (m1) with the latest MacOS, Monterey.


Of yourse you don’t need an iPad to extend or mirror your screen if you have an external monitor.